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Know what is unicorn polyamory

Unicorn polyamory ( unicorn poly) is the term for when two people who are in a relationship (typically a heterosexual couple of one man and one woman) add a third party to the relationship. This partner is usually a bisexual woman, though they could also be a bisexual man or a nonbinary person. Unicorn polyamory involves a couple adding a third person to the relationship.

That third party is called the unicorn, and they are often brought in for only sex. The unicorn is part of the relationship, but unlike in some other poly relationship models, the unicorn is typically not an equal party. They may be beholden to the couple and their rules, and may not have equal rights.

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Polyamory implies an openness to outside relationships.  The basic idea of polyamory is that one or both parties in a couple are also involved with people outside of that couple. There are many different types of polyamory, such as:

Ethical non-monogamy


Open relationships

As per data,  at least 21% of single people have been involved in some type of sexual non-monogamous relationship. A 2021 study found that 16.8% of people want to engage in a polyamorous relationship and that 10.7% have engaged in polyamory at some point in their lives.


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