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The reason for million dollars fine to student driver will make you wonder

A Norwegian student has been fined Dh111,656 approximately Rs. 20 lakhs for drunken driving. A 22-year-old Katharina G. Andresen is the convict in the scene. She was also banned from driving for 13 months.

She is one of the Norway’s richest woman as per the Forbes estimation. Her value is calculated as $1.23 billion. Her father gave her a 42-percent share in the family-owned investment company. After that Forbes declared her as the world’s second-youngest billionaire.

Fines for drunken driving in Norway are based on the defendant’s income. As per the report, she is not much fined for the case. She could be fined for $4.9 million if based on her assets. The court did increase the fine because of her estimated wealth.



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