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Why a virgin may not bleed when deflowered , Girl shares her experience

Why a virgin may not bleed when deflowered , Girl shares her experience

Since ages, a woman’s virginity has been considered as her esteemed possession. Her virginity has stayed so much in the limelight that the orthodox thinking could even question her dignity. This concept has also hoisted the prevalent myth that a girl must bleed on her wedding night to prove her virginity, blame it on lack of knowledge or traditional beliefs. Well, not true in all the cases as your hymen can break before your sexual contact. There are various health reasons that could be responsible for hymen breakage even before having sex.

Nidhi Kumar (name changed) shares her experience that how even though she was a virgin, she didn’t bleed on her wedding night and what she discovered after that.

"And finally that night arrived"

I got married in the year 2015 and like any other girl was too scared for this new beginning. The nerve-racking first-night experiences shared by my friends had already frightened me and mere thinking about having sex, that too for the first time, was bringing chills down my spine. Finally, that night arrived.

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Full disclosure


I was 25 years old when I got married. Hailing from a small city in North India, I was raised in a joint family and both my parents had a government job. Not only on the academic front, I was also an active sports person. I hardly had any interest in relationship, until I met my husband. We met at a sports event and as days passed we fell in love and decided to stay together for the entire life. Well, all went well as our parents agreed to our marriage.

"I decided to see a gynaecologist and clear all my doubts"
“I decided to see a gynaecologist and clear all my doubts”
So, that night arrived. Even though I knew ins and outs of my husband, I wasn’t quite comfortable. Yes, until that day we haven’t had sex. It was our mutual decision. We had sex on our first-wedding night. He made me quite comfortable and I finally lost my virginity. But, this didn’t result in bleeding! I was surprised and so was my husband. Was it the traditional beliefs that were making us uncomfortable about my virginity or was there something wrong with me, I wondered. I decided to see a gynaecologist and clear all my doubts.
"This is what I realized"
“This is what I realized”
The next morning, we went to a doctor. I explained her what has happened and what she said really surprised me. She said that it’s absolutely normal not to bleed during your first sexual contact as there are many reasons behind it. She asked if I was active in sports activities, as it could lead to hymen breakage. She further explained “when you have vaginal sex for the first time, your hymen gets ruptured. This can cause pain or bleeding. But there are chances that hymen can also rupture from things such as sports, riding a bicycle or if you are using a tampon. Also, there are girls who are born with little hymenal tissue and it may seem like they don’t have a hymen at all.” I realized that whether you bleed the first time you have sex or not, has nothing to do with your virginity.
Health experts say that there are several reasons why women may not bleed during their first sexual intercourse. And that doesn’t have to do with her virginity.

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