indian Origin Scientist’s breakthrough could solve energy crisis.

Despite the ever growing concern about energy crisis and the limited availability of fossil fuels, a lot of scientists are of the opinion that we will soon find a stable source of energy. A new research led by Indian origin scientist Govinder Singh pawar at the University of Exeter in UK has given us strong reasons to hope. 

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According to the reports the team has come up with an innovative method to decompose water in to hydrogen and oxygen only using sunlight.This hydrogen can then be used to power your vehicles, gadgets and everything you will ever need power for. The advantage hydrogen has over most other fuels is that it is clean and it’s only by-product is water.

The university, in a statement released last day said that the hydrogen fuel thus produced will not only decrease the carbon emissions, but wlil also create a virtually limitless energy source. 

“Photo electro chemical water splitting – a type of technology that mimics photosynthesis using man made Materials has been a much sought after method to create a carbon free economy. The biggest hurdle that the researchers have hit so far is that they have not been able to make a semi conductor material to effectively change sunlight in to a widespread energy source that can be stored. The university in a statement said that the Pawar and his colleagues are working on bringing further improvements to the system to be able to produce hydrogen more efficiently. 


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