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Hidden pages from Ann Frank’s diary found with writings on sex

Ann Frank’s diary is a teen’s description of a war-torn era. The  Jewish teen living inside a bunker, hiding from the Nazis wrote the heartwrenching situations that she faced. Now some researchers have found out some missen entries from Ann Frank’s diary which sheds light on the adolescent curiosities of Ann Frank. The hidden pages had been covered with
gummed brown paper possibly to hide her sexually suggestive writings from the family.

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Dated 28th September 1942, the entries were written shortly after the 13-year-old Ann Frank went into hiding. Her naughty writings range from dirty jokes to need for sex education. In one instance she longed to give a talk on sex education and in other she mentioned prostitutes about whom she had heard from her father.

Ronald Leopold of the Ann Frank House Museum said, “Anne Frank writes about sexuality in a disarming way” and it was echoed by Frank Van Vree, director of Niod Institute.Niod Institute helped decipher the pages from new photographs taken in 2016. The dirty jokes by Ann make clear that with all her gifts, she was just another ordinary girl.

“Do you know why the German Wehrmacht girls are in the Netherlands? As mattresses for the soldiers.”This is one joke from the pages. Actually, this was not the only time when the teenage Ann talked about sexual things.T here were mentioning of jokes that she heard from others in her hidden home and also about her periods and sexuality.

Anne’s Diary is a UNESCO registered world heritage document and the Anne Frank Museum is keen on publishing these hidden pages too. The Museum spokesperson said that publishing these pages won’t ‘alter our image of Anne’ and that Ann’s Diary always has held significant academic interest.

Anne is a worldwide symbol of Holocaust but one should also remember Ann’s identity as a girl too.”These – literally – uncovered texts bring the inquisitive and in many respects precocious teenager back into the foreground.”, said Anne Frank Museum representative.

Anne Frank received a diary on her 13th birthday. she went into hiding in a secret annexe inside of her father’s business on 5th July.

Anne Frank lived there with her family and their friends, the Van Pels, until their discovery two years later. It is still a mystery how they were found even they stayed hidden successfully for long.

In 1945, Anne Frank died of disease in the Nazi death camp and in the same year, the war ended. Her father was the only one to survive and he published Ann’s diary in 1947.


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