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An eatery owner shot dead at West Bengal for selling a Biriyani at Rs.190/plate

In Bengal, an eatery owner was shot dead by some hooligans for demanding Rs.190/plate for Biriyani. A gang of 4 – Raja, Firoz, Mogri and Salman- came to the eatery owned by Sanjay Mondal and had Biriyani. After when he asked for money, an argument ensued on the price of Biriyani and Sanjay Mondal got gunned down by one gang member. Sanjay was rushed to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival, as per the reports were given by news agency IANS. This gruesome incident occurred in West Bengal’s 24 Parganas district.

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Police lodged a complaint and arrested one of the suspects. The police official said that an FIR had been lodged and that they arrested the accused Mohammad Firoz. The police are also probing other angles to the incident other than the ‘Biriyani issue’.

Mondal’s bother is the witness to this case and he said that they(he and his brother) were very scared of the hooligans who shot at his brother. He said to the Police that Firoz was the one who pulled the trigger at his brother while the others had started the fight.

He added another thing which pointed toward’s the Gunda Raj running in West Bengal’s 24 Parganas District. He said,”We all are very scared and don’t know how to run our business peacefully’.


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