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Apprehensions over, virus reported in Alappuzha not Nipah

The apprehensions over Nipah which took 17 lives in Kozhikode and Malappuram are gradually subsiding as no positive cases have been reported for 7 days. The Health Department in Kerala is saying that there are only meagre chances for another situation of NiV spread.

Health Department Director Dr.R.L.Saritha said that the patient who had been admitted to Alappuzha Medical College was neither an NiV affected nor had he come into contact with those who were affected. All the 25 samples which have been received till Thursday are negative. There are 11 people admitted in Kozhikode Medical College with the syptoms of Nipah infection. The conditions of 2 people who have been cured after the Nipah confirmation is better now.

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Among the 301 samples of suspected Nipah virus infection sent to Manipal Virology Research Centre, only 18 samples were found postive. Rest 283 samples turned out to be negative.


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