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Christiano Ronaldo Mocks Messi With ‘GOAT’ gesture!

Chrsitiano Ronaldo became the fourth player to score in four World Cups and after his first goal, as he ran in celebratory mood, he stopped a while to stroke his chin. What’s the message here ? He is trying to say that he is the GOAT and not Lionel Messi

What’s GOAT ?
GOAT is simply the acronym for Greatest of All Time. Adidas had recently ran an advertisement featuring Messi with a real goat. Ronaldo and Messi are the best among current footballers, but the debate of who is best among the best is sure to carry on for all time.

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It was yesterday in the match against Spain that Christiano Ronaldo drew a penalty kick from Nacho Fernandez and converted it to a goal. He soon ran to a corner leaped and then went in to the chin-stroke.


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