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Full support from Shatrughan Sinha to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in his protest

Shatrughan Sinha, famous film personality, and a BJP MP came with “full support” for Arvind Kejriwal’s protest at Delhi Lieutenant Governer’s(LG) Office. He reminded the current BJP dispensation at the Center that the BJP had also been demanding “full statehood” to Delhi before the 2015 elections which marked BJP’s destruction in Delhi Assembly elections.

Earlier another BJP veteran Yashwant Singha came against the Modi Government and lashed out at the insolent way in which the power of the elected AAP government in Delhi was usurped by the central Government through changing the 1991’s constitutional amendment through a Government Notification dated May 21, 2015. Shatrughan Sinha called Kejriwal a ‘mass leader’ and ‘gentleman politician’, and in a tweet, he referred to a famous song from the Rajesh Khanna movie ‘Roti’ which went like this,’Ye public hai sab janti hai’ hinting that Centre’s adamant attitude would be replied by the people.

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Shatrughan Sinha has always praised AAP and their model of governance and one time he called AAP the “baap”(father) of all political parties. Sinha had called Election Commission’s recommendation to debar 20 AAP MLAs as “politics of vendetta” before the Delhi High Court restored membership of 20 disqualified AAP MLAs.

Sinha tweeted last year that he held all political parties, especially Kejriwal, in high esteem for their credibility, struggle, and commitment towards society. Not only Shatrughan Sinha but also leaders from various political spectrums have come out in support for Arvind Kejriwal’s protest against the BJP Government at the center.

The allegations by Delhi CM against the central Government include boycotting of meetings by IAS officers, not answering to the call of Ministers which have resulted in the stalling of many of the Government’s public welfare schemes. The IAS officers are in complete noncooperation against the AAP government in Delhi protesting over the alleged assault of Delhi Chief Secretary by the AAP Ministers in February. Kejriwal alleged the officers working completely in collusion with the Central Government.

Samajwadi Party(SP) Chief Akhilesh Yadav classified the escalating strife in Delhi administration as “worse than the murder of democracy”.Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and Kerala CM had appealed to the center to solve the issue “immediately”.

Meanwhile, CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury accused the Central Government of “using the office of the LG to obstruct” the smooth functioning of the Delhi Government and marring them from performing their constitutional duties towards the people.

RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav made political allegations against the BJP that a party which had not been able to come in power in Delhi for 20 years, was taking “revenge on the people of Delhi”.

Kamal Hassan, actor and founder of the political party “Makkal Neethi Maiyyam”(MNM) said that interference in the functioning of an elected government was unacceptable in a democracy.

But amidst all this, the Congress has taken an inimical stand against Delhi CM’s protest against Lieutenant Governor and has called it as an “excuse to not work”.Senior Congress Leader Sheila Dikshit who had thrice ruled Delhi and was in power before AAP snatched the state from her in 2015, said that it was “completely unacceptable” that the head of a government was sitting in a Dharna when the people of the National Capital territory were suffering.

Dikshit questioned Kejriwal that was it the way to treat the people who brought him to power with a huge majority.


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