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Muslim Leagues’s Cheque Bounced; Radhika Vemula Says I.U.M.L used her for Poliitical Gain

Dalit Student and PhD Scholar Rohit Vemula’s suicide had caused quite a protest in the whole country. A lot of political parties sympathised with the victim and his family and Indian Union Muslim League went one step ahead by promising the victim’s family 20 lakhs to build a house. But as the family has found no signs of progress, and with cheques given by I.U.M.L allegedly bouncing, Radhika Vemula, mother of Rohith Vemula has chosen to speak out.

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She said I.U.M.L was using her as a political pawn “in such a context, how can they make promises and use if for political gain” . Radhika said the cheque given by I.U.M.L had bounced forcing her to make several trips to the bank “Why are they troubling me so much. They can just call me and hand it over, instead of sending it in this manner, in installments and by courier. If they don’t want to give, they can say that openly as well, instead of harassing us in this way” she said.

I.U.M.L however brushed aside the allegations by saying that it was a clerical mistake. Reports suggests that the political party had also identified a plot for building house at Koppuravuru, located between Guntur and Vijayawada. Radhika Vemula currently stays in a rented house.

Muslim League is facing strong criticism for using a mother to their political advantage. “When Rohith died, I was just crying in the velivada and I had no idea about all the people coming and greeting me. At this time, these party members came from Kerala and said they had heard the news and learnt that we were absolutely poor,” Radhika told the news organisation.


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