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Things he secretly wants from you but will never tell you..!

Men are people of few words. They rarely say exactly what’s on their mind and often expect us to be the ones reading their inner thoughts. Men might not be as expressive as women. There are little things they admire about their partner but choose not to confess their feelings.

  • Sense of humour

Guys appreciate women who have a great sense of humour and the ability to take things lightly. It relieves them from the continuous stress of keeping a date interesting and their partner entertained. In fact, they love the fact that their significant other brings a smile to their face with her jokes and little sarcasm.

  • Taking charge in the bedroom

Your partner loves it when you initiate sex and take charge in the bedroom. It is actually a turn on for them and a gentle reminder that you crave for it as much as he does.

  • When it comes to personal space

No matter how close you are to your partner, everyone needs some personal space in a relationship. So, when you leave him alone when he is reading a book, watching a series, talking to his friend or spending some me-time, he silently appreciates it. Further, it is an indication that you are an understanding partner and he loves this about you!

  • Family and friends

when you willingly spend time with his friends and family and gel well with them, he is noticing and appreciating it. He might not say it to you, but he’s proud to have you!

  • Efforts appreciated

We all make little adjustments in a relationship and put efforts to make our partner feel special, right? While we don’t do such things only to get noticed or brag about our efforts, but a little appreciation from our partner brighten ups our day, isn’t it? Whenever you string a few words together to praise what he does for the relationship, you make him feel happy and proud.

  • Listen

After a long tiring day at work, sometimes, all we want is someone who can just listen to what we have got to share. Your partner loves it when you keep your own problems aside, sit next to him and lend an ear to things that have been bothering him. Quick tip: You can turn the moment even better by ending the conversation with a short kiss and a sweet hug.

  • Text him when you are out with friends

You are busy shopping and chatting with your friends, and especially take out time to text and ask him whether he had lunch or not. In case you haven’t yet realised, this sweet gesture probably makes his day. He will be on cloud nine thinking that he is there on your mind even though you are out having fun with your friends. Unintentionally, you are giving him another reason to fall for you.

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