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Things You Should Never Say During Sex

Sex needs to be memorable – not just the foreplay or the main course, the whole thing should be anything but routine. For that to happen, there are more than a few things that both the partners can do.

Whether you’re a total dynamo or a bit reserved, every single one of us stresses over screwing something up. We don’t want to make our partner feel inadequate, we don’t want to say the wrong thing, we don’t want to be needy. This creates a rather charged situation.

So, make sure to avoid these five verbal booby traps for better, hotter sex:

“Let’s just get it over with”

It is sex, not something to end up quickly. Not only look like you are rushing to the final destination but also ruining the other person’s fun.

“Are you there yet?”

Let’s give the person their time to go to that happy place. Say these words and the chances are, they will just utter the next unspeakable words.

“I’ll just do it myself”

Seems like you are selfish and you are completely destroying partner’s mood.

“I love you”

Not that any sensible person will believe this when said during an orgasm, but the truth is that there are some places that the three beautiful words are just not to be uttered. Unless this is a person you are in a long-term relationship with.

“My ex…”

If you whisper your ex’s name and you are just killing the other person.

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