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Is Sex Before Hitting Gym Good For Health? A New Study Has the Answer

You might be a person who hits the gym regularly and you might be also having sex. The question, is it a good idea to have sex before gym? Remember the times when athletes and soldiers were restricted from engaging in sexual activities before a physical activity to save their energies? Whether you like it or not, these views are no more legit.

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A research conducted by a health website has a different take on this. The study was conducted by scientists at California State University, San Marcos. They took 12 participants who were made to do a leg day after a lucky night versus during a break from the bedroom.

The findings of the study were that sex had no impact on men’s ability to perform weight training movements. So can we believe a research conducted only on the basis of 12 men ? Well, the sample is definitely small but the researcher was confident in his findings and said that the data would suggest that sex doesn’t impair muscle force when performed within 12 hours of a gym workout.

The results may not apply to everyone and these are meant for average persons. The performance depends on every little margin. So, the takeaway from this is that it is no wrong to have sex before hitting your gym. Have fun.



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