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Teenager rescued by Fire Brigade after Hand got Stuck in Toilet while Retrieving Mobile

In an unfortunate incident, a teenager’s hand got stuck in a toilet while trying to retrieve his phone that fell into the commode in Kurla on July 16. Family members and neighbors had to call in the fire brigade and police to rescue the teenager when their efforts did not yield results.

Rohit Rajbhar, 19, from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, who was said to have just cleared his class 12 exams, had come to the city recently to visit his uncle, who stays in Kurla, a neighborhood of East Mumbai. According to reports, he was using the Indian style toilet in his uncle’s fourth-floor apartment in Gauri Shankar CHS, Vinoba Bhave Nagar, at around 8 am, when his phone slipped from his hand and fell into the commode.

Rohit immediately leaped forward to retrieve his phone. However, it is said that the iron kada that he was wearing on his wrist got stuck in the narrow outlet. And when he tried to yank his hand out and could not, he opened the bathroom door with the other hand and called out for help.

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On hearing the call, his family members rushed to help him, and soon neighbors also joined in. However, after their efforts did not yield results, they called the fire brigade to rescue Rohit.

The emergency personnel broke the commode to free Rohit. On spotting the fire brigade van, the police from Vinoba Bhave Nagar also rushed inside the building but Rohit had already been rescued by then.

After rescuing him, the cops and fire brigade personnel took Rohit to Rajawadi Hospital. However, after the doctors at the hospital performed an X-ray and did not find any broken bones, he was discharged after administering some pain medication. Meanwhile, Rohit Rajbhar’s phone, which is said to be a Huawei smartphone and worth Rs 14,000, could not be saved.


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