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(video)Trapeze Act Gone Wrong, Wife Falls Down As Husband Can’t Hold On

Tuesday’s “America Got Talent” featured a terrifying moment when an acrobat dropped his partner during a trapeze act gone wrong. Making matters worse, the duo was husband and wife — and their two-year-old son was sitting with his grandmother in the studio audience.

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Things went wrong during the final trick where a blindfolded Tyce attempted to catch his wife after she dropped from above him. Mary plunged to the floor after he lost grip on her ankles. The judges and audience reacted with horror, and Mary’s mother, in the audience with the couple’s two-year-old son Jaxx, recoiled. Watch Video here:

courtesy: Americas Got Talent

Mary’s fall was buffeted by a safety mat on the ground and she soon stood to show the audience she was not hurt. But when she asked if they could attempt the trick again, she was rebuffed by the audience.”This is not ‘America’s Got Perfection,’” Jeong said. “It’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Nobody can do this.”


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