LDF Government decided to make ministers’ wealth public on site

How much do ministers earn in a month? Do they have any additional income? What about hidden business and deals? The public will soon be able to know the wealth of the ministers.

Kerala’s Left Democratic Front (LDF) government has decided to publish the wealth of its minister on the official website of the state government.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the state cabinet on Wednesday, July 25. Based on the same, the total data on the wealth and assets of all ministers as on July 31, 2018, will be published on the state government’s website soon.

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Earlier, the cabinet ministers had to submit the data to the governor in every two years. However, from now onward the data will be made public.

The average assets of the 19 ministers in the cabinet of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan were Rs.78.72 lakh, according to the details they furnished at the time of filing their nominations for the Assembly election.

The richest ministers were Law Minister AK Balan (Rs 2 crore), Transport Minister AK Saseendran (Rs 1 crore) and Water Resources Minister Mathew T Thomas (Rs 1 crore).

The three Ministers with lowest assets were Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac (Rs 18 lakh), Revenue Minister E Chandrashekharan (Rs 20 lakh) and Agriculture Minister V S Sunilkumar (Rs 25 lakh).


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