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Shashi Tharoor’s Dream of India’s Performance in third test Will Make You Laugh

Indian team is once again in familiar territories. It has lost the first two test matches in England and it’s famed batting line-up collapsed facing the world class bowling line up of England. While the bowling has been top class, the application and technique shown by top order batsman leave a lot to be desired.

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Indian fans are disappointed and Shashi Tharoor is someone who follows Indian cricket very closely. This is how the veteran politician expressed his grief through Twitter.” “One can’t help a feeling of disbelief at the abject failure of our much-vaunted batsmen in England. There’s shock, denial, grief, & finally a resigned sense of inevitability. But a corner of one’s mind hopes that it’s just a collective bad dream from which we’ll soon wake up,” Tharoor wrote.”

However, a fan was still hopeful that Virat Kohli’s unit could become the second team in history to overturn a 2-0 deficit to win a Test series. The Australian side that contained Donald Bradman in the 1936-37 Ashes, won the series 3-2 after being 2-0 down.

The 62-year-politician replied to the optimistic fan saying that we should continue to dream and keep our hopes alive as there are three more matches to be played. But Tharoor’s dream may have gone a bit too much as he was hoping for a few things that look seriously impossible.

Shikhar has never shown the technique to survive in challenging overseas conditions in red ball cricket and Kuldeep is unlikely to get a rank turner. In the current situation, it looks like Pujara will be over the moon if he could last an entire session, let alone 5 days!


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