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‘Elephant procession is not mentioned in Hindu scriptures’, says writer Lekshmy Rajeev

Renowned writer Lekshmy Rajeev has said that the custom of elephant procession has not been mentioned in any Hindu scriptures. This ritual of elephant procession has come into existence has been a recent one and is not have a long tradition. Lekshmy Rajeev is the author of the book ‘Attukal Amma’,  a book on the famous Attukal temple’s story.

” In ‘Thanthric texts’ there is no mention about elephant procession. Thrissur Pooram is a festival initiated by Sakthan Thmapuran. It has no relation with the deities in the temple or offerings and poojas in the temple. It aimed only at the participation of people. All others have come later. So the elephant procession has only recent history. And is not an age-long tradition. The elephant procession is not the part of Kerala Hindu culture and in Hindu texts. In the name of Pooram what people doing is absurdity and cruelty to elephants, she said.

She made this statement to media after the controversy on banning Thechikkottukkavu Ramachandran, the celebrity elephant in attending Thrissur Pooram.

The elephant owners in the state have announced they will give their elephants for pooram as a protest against the ban. But Guruvayur Dewasom has announced that they will give all their elephants to Pooram.


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