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Wolf and Dog fall in love at Chinese Zoo: Watch video of this love story

Love is blind and is unconditional. Love finds its way in the most unexpected places and across species too. An unusual love story between a wolf and a dog has blossomed in China. The video of this love story has been viral in social media. A lone wolf found a lovely companion in a dog and the two apparently fell in ‘love at first sight.

The lonely male wolf was separated from its pack after it started fighting with others a few years ago. It was also injured in a fight, so the officials at Wuhan Jiufeng Forest Zoo in Hubei province took it away from the rest. Over the years, he grew lonely.

That’s when the zoo officials introduced it to a female puppy about two years ago. The two grew fond of each other and according to their caretakers, it was ‘love at first sight’ for the pair.

Although the story is two years old, it resurfaced with this video that was shared recently.


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