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The dancing barber gives lap dance for customers: Watch Video

What will you do when the barber does a lapdance while cutting your hair? But Penny Lee is a different barber.

The newly qualified barber, Penny Lee, takes to customer Mike Ruga’s fringe with 100 per cent professionalism and complete respect for the art of barbering. She straddles the customers in order to get closer to his fringe, so she can really get that fade right.

All this is done wearing the correct hairdressers uniform of high-waisted pants, fishnet stockings and high heels.

Meanwhile, the barber, Penny, posted the video saying ‘Just got my barbers license… Shoutout to @mikeruga for being my first customer’.

Mike replied saying: ‘Thanks for the cut! I’mm coming back tomorrow’. Well it was her first day Mike, she’s not going to be spot on right away. Hairdressing – like any profession, really – takes time to perfect, 10,000 hours practice and all that. So go easy when you pop back for a touch up.


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