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At least 32 killed in prison riot

In Tajikistan, at least 32 people, including three guards, have been killed in a riot at a prison near capital Dushanbe. The justice ministry, in a statement, said the riot broke out, as convicted members of the Islamic State armed themselves with knives and killed three guards and five fellow prisoners. The 24 others died in clashes with security forces.

The incident, which took place on Sunday, started when a group of inmates captured three prison guards and stabbed them. Those inmates then released eight others – also alleged IS members – who were in punishment cells and then killed five prisoners to intimidate the other inmates. The group then set fire to the infirmary and took a group hostage in an attempt to escape the facility.

Authorities said the prison was now functioning normally, with the situation currently under control. Security forces killed 24 prisoners and restored order in the prison which has 1,500 inmates, the authority added.

Local media reported that two of the prisoners murdered by the rioters were well-known activists of the banned opposition group Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan.

The riot follows a similar incident in November of last year in which at least 24 inmates were killed by IS militants.


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