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“Devotees Drifted Away From the Party and Caused Left’s Defeat at Kerala, Finds Polit Bureau

Following the embarrassing performance of the left in the recently concluded Loksabha elections, the party leaders have been investigating the possible causes that led to the defeat. The Kerala leaders are largely split on the issue- while the state committee thinks Sabarimala played a part, Kerala chief minister continued to be in the denial mode, not admitting the role of Sabarimala in their defeat.

CPI(M) State secretariat has submitted its report to Polit Bureau on the possible causes of defeat and in the discussions that followed, criticisms were raised against Kerala faction.

“Couldn’t foresee the leak in votes. The devotees drifted away from the party. The minorities also kept themselves aloof” found Polit Bureau.

The report also says that the central leadership’s idea to cooperate with Congress in other states created confusion among party supporters in Kerala.


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