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School teachers must take exams from now over this strange reason

The government schools in Madhya Pradesh has decided to test the potentials of the school teachers. For the same, the government has decided to conduct exams for the teachers. The reports have asserted that there are about 700 schools in the area and the teachers will be made to write the exams similar to the class 10 exams.

The new resolution was taken as 30% of the students from these schools had a failed in the examination.

Results of Class 10 and Class 12 board examinations were declared on May 15 and as many as 700 government schools across the state registered below 30% result. In all, 3500 teachers of these schools will take the examination on June 12. This was decided after a review meeting over poor board exam results especially of class 10.

The teachers will be graded according to their performance in the examinations and if they fail, penalties will be imposed, school education principal secretary Rashmi Arun Shami said.

“This is to fix the accountability of teachers and check the capability of teachers,” she added.


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