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Sunitha Devadas’s Old Video of Her Mocking P.M Modi is Going Viral Again and this time BJP is Laughing

The left has suffered an embarrassing defeat in this Loksabha elections and Kerala-considered to be its strongest bastion only gave them just one seat.

One of the more vocal supporters of left in Kerala- Sunitha Devadas is often found in the forefront of hate Modi campaigns in Kerala and one of her old videos in which she mocks Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going viral now.

It was after the assembly election results of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh in which Congress won that prompted Sunitha to make the video. She is seen trolling P.M Modi with a song, stepping to its tunes and then unleashing a series of half baked allegations against Modi and BJP.

After months, BJP has come back to power at the center and Sunitha’s video looks like a self-troll now. The video has once again become viral as it is being shared widely in pro-BJP groups and supporters are laughing at how the situation has changed. Watch video


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