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‘Booty Slapping Championship’: Russia introduces a new game: Video

Bored watching boxing and wrestling. If yes, for you Russia has introduced a new sports event. This sports event may raise the heat – ” Booty Slapping”.

The event was introduced after a ‘face-slapping’ event which was introduced earlier gained popularity. The ‘face-slapping’ event was for men. But the new sports event is only for women.

Booty Slapping Championship is a competition where women knock over their opponents by slapping them in alternate turn on their buttocks. The aim is to smack your opponent so hard on the bum that it causes them to break their stance and take a step forward.

Booty slapping competition is a part of the Siberian Power Show a two-day festival. The festival also has Man Face Slapping Championship, “mass wrestling” matches and pole dancing.


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