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Ration shops in Kerala will sell packaged drinking water

Bottled drinking water will be sold in the state through the Ration shops. The decision came after a meeting of rations hop dealers association representatives and the Civil Supplies minister P.Thilothaman. A bottle will be priced Rs.11.

The packaged drinking water will be available in all the 14,350 ration shops in the state. Earlier the government has supplied packaged drinking water through Supplyco supermarkets.

The new project is initiated in the footstep of this. The government has come into this decision after many complaints about the over the pricing of packaged drinking water has reported in the state.

The government will allow the ration shops to sell drinking water and Sabari products through the shop. The government has also launched a health insurance scheme for the families of ration shop dealers. This has also decided in the meeting.


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