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Man who stole lottery tickets from blind vendor booked in Thiruvananthapuram

Police on Saturday arrested a man on the charges of Stealing lottery tickets from a blind vendor. The incident happened at the central depot at Thampanoor . The CCTV footage of the same was made viral through watsapp on Friday,

The suspect has been identified as Sunil Kumar (42) of Chyambakara of Marad, it has been asserted that he has been involved in many thet cases rejestered in the various stations of TVPM and Ernakulam districts and also in Railway police station.

The accused has been remanded to Judicial Custody after questioning.

He was in jail as an accused in the Kalluvathukkal liquor tragedy of 2000. He was also remanded in connection with the death of his wife after the explosion of the gas cylinder.

The theft occurred on Saturday afternoon when he stole 23 lottery tickets worth Rs 640 from Suran of Chirayanikara Geetha Bhavan of Vellarada. There have been incidents of lottery theft from blind sellers in the past also.


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