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Rahul’s stepdown : A series of resignation in Congress.

Congress is going through a tough time after the shameful defeat in Loksabha election. Party President Rahul Gandhi is adamant in his decision to step down from his position. Following this many other leaders are resigning to bring a reform at the top order of the party.

Vivek Tankha , Congress Rajya Sabha MP resigned all his posts and urged everyone to do the same. He added that this would help Rahul Gandhi to build up a new team. The leaders from Delhi, Haryana, and Madyapradesh showed their consent for resignation.

The prominent leaders who resigned from the post includes- Rajesh Lilothia(Delhi Congress Working President), Sumitra Chauhan(Mahila Congress President Hariyana), Netta P Sangma (General Secretary, Meghalaya), Virender Rathod (Secretary), Anil Chaudari (Chattisgarh General Secretary), Sudheer Chaudari( Madyapradesh Secretary), Sathyaveer Yadav(Hariyana Secretary).

It is reported that there would be action against the leaders in the aftermath of the failure. A three-member disciplinary committee was formed for the same.

Earlier Rahul Gandhi complained that the leaders are not willing to take the responsibility of failure. He decided to step down from his position as Congress faced a disgracing defeat in the elections.


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