Assam Flood: Tiger strays into the house, relaxes in bed

Assam is facing one of the severe floods as the ‘ Brahmaputra’ has submerged the state. The Kaziranga National park which houses the critically endangered one-horned Indian rhinoceros has been 80% submerged under the water.

The wild animals have become lose and wandering in the villages and city. Almost 30 animals including 3 one-horned Indian rhinoceros were dead in the flood.

The national park which spread around 430 square kilometers is even now under the water. As the water level has lowered animals start migrating to other areas.

Some animals have been dead by hitting vehicles that pass through NH37. The government has now limited the speed of vehicles passing through the NH to 40kmph

Earlier a photo of a Royal Bengal tiger relaxing in abed of the house has been released. Wild Life Trust of India has released the photos.


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