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Anand Mahindra gives a polite but savage reply to man who abused him

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra is very much active in social media. The chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra always shares motivating and even funny posts on his social media handles.

Now a polite but savage reply given Anand Mahindra to a man who abused him on social media is rocking the internet. The man called Anand Mahindra ‘stupid’ and he gave him befitting reply.

It all started as Anand Mahindra shared an article about Indian economy. ” I’m often accused of being stupidly optimistic. If this trend continues then perhaps the adjective ‘stupid’ will be discarded…”, Anand Mahindra captioned the post.

” Yes , you are stupid . India cud nt yet arrange for electricity, water, roads and law and order and now Modi & company has made sure that we stay in a turmoil for another 42 months and to add to it Rahul Gandhi , the dumb is leading the opposition”, a netizens replied for his post.


And for this Anand Mahindra come with sarcastic reply. ” Your pessimism is quite comprehensive. Is there ANYTHING you are optimistic about? Or have you exiled yourself to a remote cave in the mountains? Let me know if I can get Swiggy to send you a food package! ?” Anand Mahindra replied.

This post has gathered 7500 likes and 1100 retweets.

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