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Little Women- Movie review

Kavya Kamal

What it has for you is a beautiful story with appealing characters. Although taken as the adaptation of the 19th century novel by Louisa May, titled the same, Little Women directed by Greta Gerwig is a well-crafted wholesome package of everything that we expect in a good cinema.

The movie starts off with a scene where the lead character Josephine or “Jo,” played by Saoirse Ronan, who is a teacher, goes to the editor to show some of her written works to get it published. With considerable editing, to which she initially disagrees, the story gets published. The flick then glides smoothly, adding good amount of beguiling music. Thanks to Alexandre Desplat who did not make the movie any lesser than a musical film.

The cinema that falls under the coming-of-age pattern has flawlessly captured the growth of the protagonist, Jo, an aspiring writer, a feminist and as the one who never believed in the idea of marriage. Other important characters include Marmee March, who plays the character of mother to the four talented and beautiful daughters, Emma Watson as Margaret or “Merg” who is an ardent dancer, Florence Pugh as Amy who paints ingeniously and Eliza Scanlen as Beth who is an erudite pianist, play the sister characters to the protagonist.

Interestingly, Meryl Streep is also there as their aunt who is riveting and also firmly believes that a woman does not need a husband if she is rich and hence she was!

The male protagonist on the other hand was played by Timothee Chalmette as Laurence or “Laurie” who goes through a trail of emotions and love. Not really sure about the actual male “protagonist” of the movie, Little Women will never make you realise its dearth. In truth, it is never a dearth!

The sundry happenings in Jo’s life and a stalwart family is what the audience would see and experience. Besides that, the struggle of Jo to live in her ideologies, her passion and her aim will enkindle many of us, beyond any doubt!


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