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Points to keep in mind while ordering Food online on Covid period

There is no better way than to stay safe at home during the Covid pandemic. Surely it is the best way to order food online if you are not cooking. As per data, online food-delivery has surged during the pandemic period.

It is a proven fact that the nCov-2 virus can survive on surfaces for hours, contaminating it. The virus contaminates metal surfaces more fiercely as it can survive longer on it. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are ordering food online.

Request a contact-free delivery: Several leading online food delivery services are offering this service. The cash transfer is online and the food packet is left at your doorstep minimizing contact transfer. This will help both you and the delivery boy from contracting the disease.

Add clarity to your order: When requesting contact-free delivery add specific details when and where you want the food packet to be kept, like on the doorstep or beside the window. You also need to be clear on the exact address as there no conversation options for the delivery boy to confirm the delivery. For this reason, it is advisable to order from an accustomed service provider of yours.

Safety first: After collecting the food wash or sanitize your hands. Never touch your face before this act.

Handle packaging with care: As the nCov-2 virus can stay alive on surfaces discard the package or disinfect it if not possible. Care must be taken to sanitize hands after package handling. Use your own utensils to empty the food product from restaurant packaging.

After this, you can relish on your favorite food item without fear.

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