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Onam 2020: MTC made their best efforts to make this onam splendid as ever…

Appeared each person one-by-one on the screen, a blissful start.  The enthusiastic face brings more color to the screen.  A web Onam is going to be conducted.  The memories about the past celebrations, joy of gathering together, josh within the friend’s gang and dancing with rhythm of music played in the campus, everything flashed one after on everyone’s mind.

The course changed.  The huge pandemic disease overwhelms the world and everyone is locked inside their own houses. Before this the teachers were supposed to advice the students that “Don’t use your phones, you are supposed to study well”. But now the pattern changed “Take your phone, let’s study”. In this context, Take your mobile phones, let’s celebrate Onam”. What an irony! Every schools and colleges celebrate Onam by gathering together in Google meets.  Not so differently, The NSS students of Mother Theresa College of Arts and Science Nelikkadu, celebrated onam through google platform. All the students are wearing their onakodis and were very charming to see.  Amidst all of this our beautiful teachers Prof. Dr. Sathiyaraj, Mrs. Divya Rani and Librarian Mr. Alex v. are obviously gorgeously appeared on the screen.

A great artist, the winner of Prem Nazir Award (for mimicry) and the flowers Tv Comedy Super Nite show fame Artist, Shyju Nellikadu was the Chief Guest of the occasion.  Mr. Shyju Nellikad inaugurated the function by endowing Onam greetings to everyone.  He entertains the participants with his mimicry.  His glory of art fascinated the teachers and students equally.  After his wonderful performance, various competitions like Onapattukal, Onam Quiz were held.  The students Lekshmi S., Devika S. R., Aakarsh A.P., Suparna B., Reshma C.J. won the prizes.  Dr. Sathiyaraj A., Mrs. Divya Rani and Mr. Alex v. coordinated various programmes. The coordinators were delightful in conducted a web Onam very gracefully.

By the influence of various factors changes was proceeding in each field.  The joy of gathering together with our friends in special occasions was becoming a dream now.  The only way to connect each other and share bliss was now only possible through social media’s.  We are limited inside it.  This platforms all are a blessing now a days. We can beseech to god that to celebrate next Onam by gathering together and enjoy each other.

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