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Interesting!!! She carries her life in a rucksack…Read more…

Selwa Hussain, a 39 year old British woman has successfully carrying her artificial heart in her backpack. Heart is the most important organ of human being and a slight variation may cause a radical change in body.  But this woman live without a heart inside her body rather she carries it in her rucksack.

Cardiomyopathy, was the condition caused her sudden heart failure and it has caused by pregnancy. She was too ill to heart transplantation, so the surgeons replaced her diseased natural heart with an artificial implant.  The 6.8kg back pack contains battery-powered pump and an electric motor which pushes air through tubes to feed plastic chambers in her chest. The artificial heart cost £86,000 ($116,000) to make in the US. Selwa’s was the 2nd successful heart transplant in Britain. A 50 year old man in UK was the first person who received artificial heart.

“Harefield have been absolutely magnificent. They came up with a solution that allowed me to stay alive to see the New Year with my family. For that, I am eternally grateful.”- Selwa said.


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