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Which one do you think is stronger, the shell of turtle or the jaws of an alligator??Watch video for answer..

Turtles have an extremely strong shell. But exactly how strong is it? Can an alligator break through it using its powerful jaws? A video goes viral on internet that gives the answer.

The video was shared by the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer Naveed Trumboo. He tweeted the interesting clip with the caption, “Thick skin and a strong mind are essential if you want to survive in this world. Nobody can break you down if you don’t let them.”

The 18-second clip shows an alligator trying to eat a turtle. The alligator tries to swallow the turtle and break the shell using the force of its jaws, but every single time the alligator fails. Finally, it gives up and the turtle hops away from its death.

One thing to note in the video is that the alligator also realises that it won’t be able to eat the turtle and gives up.

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