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A “Model Village For Homeless” Turns Out To Be A ‘Ghost Town’ For 20 Years !!!

New Delhi: A model rural village set up at Middle Chongrang under Yuksam-Tashiding constituency, the west district is lying uninhabited and demanding attention for maintenance.  25 houses were constructed two decades ago by the erstwhile SDF government to rehabilitate the landless and homeless people. The State government had allotted the houses to 25 homeless families of the GPU but for some reason, the model houses constructed are lying empty and in a pathetic condition.

The houses constructed in close proximity are facing threats of complete disintegration due to lack of maintenance and damages caused by natural calamities. Locals maintained that the public infrastructure established by spending a huge amount of money from the State treasury is lying completely ignored. They stated that the infrastructure could be utilized in other public welfare works after renovation. They expressed that the infrastructure set up for the public welfare has failed to fulfill the objectives and the project has turned out to be a complete failure of the mission to give shelter to the homeless people.

The houses have become some sort of living den for stray dogs and some other wild animals. The roofs of the houses have started to rust and the walls falling apart in the need for maintenance and proper upkeep. The infrastructure covered and surrounded by thick weeds and grass reflects that it needs urgent renovation to prevent further deterioration.

A local said that for several years the houses have been lying vacant and without attention. He maintained that the infrastructure established with the motive of serving the needy still could be maintained and put to good use for other public welfare purposes.“The public property that is falling apart due to ignorance and lack of maintenance could be renovated for other innovative public welfare initiatives. The infrastructure can be revamped and utilize for other useful purposes. Leaving the public infrastructure to rot or decay gradually will result in a complete waste of money and loss of public property,” he said.

The locals have requested the State government to come up with a constructive plan to make sure that the infrastructure set up two decades ago in the public interest does not go futile and wasted. They want the State to initiate any kind of developmental project to ensure the proper utilization of the infrastructure lying ignored and unattended.


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