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Netizens horrified seeing a ‘biryani’ recipe using dal and diced potato…

Biryani flavours vary with places and people… Well, recently, all biryani lovers joined together to shame a “horrendous’ recipe shared by a South African food website.

Food 24, one of country’s leading food websites, had shared a quick recipe of what they claimed to be chicken biryani. However, the recipe of the so called ‘biriyani’ did not go down well with most people. Made with chicken pieces, brown lentils and chopped onions and tomatoes, the website tried to get the desi flavours right with some garam masala and turmeric.

Even if some in India do use potatoes in biryani, there have been many heated debates if that is an authentic ingredient. Served with sambhal and papadams, topped with fresh green salad, the biryani made many uncomfortable.

“In celebration of Heritage month we’ve whipped up an easy-to-make, scrumptious biryani that’ll have you coming back for seconds,” the website wrote. The recipe garnered a lot of attention online, however, for all the wrong reasons.

“This recipe was originally posted as a ‘breyani’ recipe but it has been retitled to reflect accuracy. We apologise that we got this wrong,” the website said.

“We’ve heard you. We got it wrong, and we’re sorry,” it wrote on its official page. It further added: “We will remove the video and would like to make a #BiryaniTogether — to all recipe developers and chefs who would like to work with us on a traditional recipe, please make contact with us and let’s do it #together.”


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