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“Date has gone horribly wrong”; A woman brings 23 relatives to a blind date; what happened later was more hilarious

A woman in China brought along 23 family members and relatives to a  romantic blind date to check if her potential partner was generous enough to accommodate them all. The man had offered to take care of the check as he was inviting the woman to a candle-lit dinner. The date was turned out a nightmare for Xiao Liu after the woman, whose identity has been kept confidential, allegedly showed up with a train of relatives turning the date into a jostling family banquet.

A hilarious turn of events, having received a hefty check, the disappointed man shortly fled from the restaurant’s backdoor in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang. The man was handed a bill amounted to KSh 382,000 ( £2,300), and the woman hadn’t expressed intention to dutch for the fares. The Chinese woman told the state-run daily that she was putting to test her boyfriend’s generosity and decided to invite her other family members for the dinner. The relatives placed orders for expensive meals and wine from the menu, and later, the bill had to be split among each family member.

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