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US Couple got some interesting treasure from their 105-year-old home. Know what it is

For over a year, Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker had been living in their bungalow in Ames, about 300 kilometers from New York City. They have heard many stories about the house, built-in 1915, had previously belonged to a prohibition-era bootlegger. But they dismissed the stories as a local legend. After so many days, while working on some renovations in the house, they recently uncovered a secret stash of 66 bottles of whiskey hidden in the floorboards and walls.


He was removing wood panels from the outside of the house when a small paper package came out. The more panels he removed, the more of these packages came out. Soon, he realized they were all filled with glass whiskey bottles. “Our walls are built of booze!” Drummond posted on Instagram. “I can’t believe the rumors are true! He was actually a bootlegger!” Drummond has since started doing some digging into the old owner of the house, a German named Adolph Humpfner. Humpfner was a wealthy local legend who died suddenly under “possibly suspicious” circumstances. Upon his death, secret compartments were reportedly found in his truck and businesses. The couple plans to sell the full whiskey bottles for around $1,000 U.S. each.

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