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‘Refugees in Ethiopia has run out of food’ ; United Nations

Geneva; The United Nations declares that food has now almost finished for closely100,000 refugees from Eritrea who have been staying in campsites in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, which has been discontinued from the world for nearly a month amid combating. African peace delegates met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a day after he stated that the military was starting the “final phase” of an offensive that privileges groups worry could obtain massive civilian losses. The UNHCR says 96,000 Eritrean refugees are living in four camps in Tigray, with some registered to have been in the surroundings of recent clashes.

“They would be running out of food as of Monday we are ready with our supplies trying to reach these populations. What is needed is unhindered humanitarian access to reach them as soon as possible,” UNHCR spokesman Babar Baloch conveyed in a Geneva briefing, stating the assessment was based on estimations since the latest allocation some weeks ago. He refused to define who was barring access but said that the need for access applied to both the Ethiopian military and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. The United Nations, which always has staff in Tigray, has been dealing with all groups to the dispute for access but there is no indication yet of a breakthrough.

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Communication with the remaining team has been lacking due to a telecommunications failure, Baloch added. The dispute has propelled some 43,000 people to escape across the boundary to Sudan. Many of the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia reached more than a decade ago between the persistent uncertainties between the two countries despite the end of a two-year border battle between the neighbors. A final peace pact was only settled upon in 2018 by Abiy, who won the Nobel peace prize for his accomplishment.


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