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Hair sprout over all over the body of 20 kid’s like a ‘ware wolf’ after being mistakenly given the wrong medicine.

Around 20 Spanish children sprouted hair all over their bodies after they were mistakenly given hair restorer for tummy troubles.  Local officials admitted that a group of children was wrongly given minoxidil, a medication for hair growth, instead of omeprazole, which is used to treat gastric reflux. The children have been diagnosed with hypertrichosis, a condition that sees abnormally long hair grow all over a person’s body. It’s sometimes referred to as werewolf syndrome.

However, the enraged parents have filed civil and criminal complaints against the laboratory. The mislabelled syrup was delivered to pharmacies in Granada, Cantabria, and Valencia where chemists mixed it into a formula to treat reflux. Two years after the medical gaffe, the families of some children have complained that the hair, despite treatment, keeps growing and they are now demanding compensation. It took authorities two months to realize the labeling error and to shut down the laboratory where the error was made and recall the medicine.

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