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NASA astronauts harvested space-grown radishes. Know more

NASA astronauts harvested fresh radishes grown in space for the first time ever in the history. Kate Rubins, NASA flight engineer pulled out 20 radish plants grown in the space station and wrapped them in foil for cold storage until they can make the voyage back to Earth next year.  According to NASA, radishes are the latest type of fresh produce to be successfully grown and harvested in zero gravity.

“I’ve worked on APH since the beginning, and each new crop that we’re able to grow brings me great joy because what we learn from them will help NASA send astronauts to Mars and bring them back safely,” said Nicole Dufour, the Advanced Plant Habitat program manager at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.  Radishes provide great research possibilities by virtue of their sensitive bulb formation. This experiment will allow them to identify the optimum balance of care and feeding needed to produce quality plants. A second carrier will be used to repeat the experiment by planting another set of radish seeds to increase sample size and improve scientific accuracy.

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