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Man orders 35-ft inflatable Grinch mistakenly; later puts it up for charity….

A 49-year-old UK man, Ray Liddell mistakenly ordered a 35-foot-tall inflatable Grinch online for his daughter ahead of Christmas. The man paid around ?50,000 for the inflatable Grinch, which was bigger than his house.

After several families visited him on seeing the Grinch outside his house, the man started a donation drive for a care home asking the families to make donations. He didn’t check the size properly and ended up with the huge item.

“I had always wanted to do something for the hospice but never thought it would be something like this. I thought it would be something simple like a raffle. I wanted this to be ambitious but I was staggered at how much and how quickly these strangers were donating. It really has snowballed. It has been good in some many ways. My kids love the decoration and also it is providing a great way to raise money for this great charity,” he told..


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