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Researchers discovered a new salamander species, ‘Carolina Sandhills Salamander’

Animal researchers have discovered a new salamander species in the Tar Heel State. The “Carolina Sandhills Salamander” is a spotted, crimson-orange amphibian. This new species of salamander dwells in the springs and blackwater rivers of the Sandhills region. It was somewhat like a cross between a frog and a lizard, its size is smaller on average compared to similar species. Unlike reptiles, a salamander’s body is slippery and smooth.

However, this new discovery brings the state’s count of salamander species from 63 to 64. The salamander’s scientific name, Eurycea arenicola, reflects its origin. Arenicola translates to “dweller of a sandy place” in Latin. “Almost every known specimen of the new species is housed in our collection, with just a handful of individuals at a few other museums,” Jeff Beane, the museum’s collections manager for amphibians and lizards, said in the news release. Scientists may track down even more salamanders in the coming years.

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