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Mysterious monolith made of gingerbread found in San Fransisco. Read more!!!

A mysterious monolith made of gingerbread reportedly seemed on a hill in San Francisco, California on Christmas Day.

The gingerbread monolith has earned a lot of concentration both online and in-person, with many calling it a Christmas miracle. Ananda Sharma, founder of the app Gyroscope said, “I think I smelled it before I saw it.” “It made me smile. I wonder who did it, and when they put it there.”

The structure was the latest in a series of monoliths that have appeared — and disappeared — from Utah to Romania. The San Francisco version appears to be the first made of a Christmas treat. Neighborhood resident Alexis Gallagher said, “How could you not call it a Christmas miracle?” “A very well-engineered and well-constructed miracle, at that … But yeah, I was like, ‘This city’s not dead yet. It still has a spirit.’”

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