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“Not for the faint-hearted”; This spa offers you a special snake massage. Watch

A good spa massage has a lot of therapeutic benefits. There are numerous kinds of massages, each having a series of health benefits. They have the power to help you get rid of acute stress, headaches, strains, muscle sprains, and tensions, back pain, arthritis, circulatory and respiratory disorders, anxiety, digestive disorder, etc. There are not many things more unwinding than getting a decent massage yet the one being offered at a spa in Egypt are without a doubt not for the timid. So many people visiting the Cairo spa can look over a few sorts of massage, including by non-venomous snake massage.

Live snakes crawl on the backs and faces of the individuals who are urgently searching for help with discomfort. The masseuse is seen first scouring oil on the customer’s back and afterward utilizes a blend of pythons and around 28 distinct sorts of non-venomous snakes during the 30-minute massage session. “The use of snakes is a type of massage, and it has two aims, physical and emotional. The physical aim is to improve blood circulation and mental stimulation and the emotional aim is that it releases endorphins that help with the ‘happy hormone’ that helps people regain confidence and strengthen the immune system,” Masseuse and spa owner Safwat Sedki said.

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