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Researchers extracts ‘clean water from air’ without using any external force, Read more…

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have invented a matter that draws water from air without applying any external power, according to a study issued in Science Advances. The organization of researchers at Singapore university has produced an ultra-light aerogel that operates like a sponge that does not require a battery. The aerogel draws water from the air but it doesn’t require to be pressed to obtain the water from it.

According to the research, approximately one kg of aerogel will give 17 liters of water. The sponge-like aerogel is built up of polymers. The polymers extract water from the air. The study states the aerogel draws water molecules from the air, compresses them into a fluid, and gives out the water. On a hot day, the aerogel works even more promptly. It converts 95 percent of the water vapor from the aerogel into liquid water. The researchers have guaranteed its water observed with the drinking water criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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“Given that atmospheric water is continuously supplied by the global hydrological cycle, our discovery offers a promising solution for achieving sustainable freshwater production in a variety of climatic conditions, at minimal energy cost,” Professor Ho Ghim Wei from the NUS said.


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