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“Want to have a sweet-profession?” Canadian firm hiring candy tasters, also known as ‘Candyologists’,Read m…

A Canadian website is trying to hire full-time and part-time sweet and chocolate tasters, also known as ‘Candyologists’.The job opportunity from Canada’s Mississauga is creating a lot of buzz and excitement. A sweet treat company named ‘Candy Funhouse is looking for a ‘Candyologist.’ What they mean by a ‘candyologist’ is a taster for all the candies and chocolates so that they know if the product is authentic or not. The company’s website posted the job opening on their website.

Candy Funhouse, an Ontario-based online candy store, in a blog post, announced the job positions will give 47 dollars an hour to taste-test and analyze the company’s 3,000 candy and chocolate feasts. The post explores applicants with “enthusiasm and eagerness to try confectionery products”. According to the job posting, enthusiastic candidates can forward their applications online till February 15.

“Candidates should have passion and enthusiasm to try bakery products. We are looking for reliable and unbiased ideas on the products that will be taste-tested,” the declaration said. It also stated that the candidate will be taste-testing the 3000 dishes the company gives as well as be in the selecting organization for arriving up with the brand’s first-ever sweet line. Out of the candies and chocolates they make, ten of them will be chosen for this.

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This appears to be a golden opportunity for those who have a sweet tooth. When the announcement spread like wildfire on the internet, people were more than excited to get this up. “It’s the job I was born for,” one user hilariously said. Many food companies do have an official post for a taste-tester. As a wine taster, there is a chocolate taster and now a ‘candyologist’ as well. Some actually applied for the position and are expecting that it really works out!



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