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“Covid-19 threat looming large in the state capital” ; People continue to gather in large numbers at public spots

Thiruvananthapuram: As India’s increasing coronavirus cases become a growing concern for the world, another health disaster is quietly opening. The world’s most stringent lockdown paralyzed both routine and critical health services. With several primary and secondary-line treatment centers closed down, the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases is rising to create concern in the district health department.

With the assembly elections and the much-praised Attukal Pongala festival approaching up soon, the officials are looking for directions to arrange the condition under control through the number of Covid cases observed a drop around the opening of December, urging the state to fold up many first-line and second-line Covid treatment stations, the numbers are once again increasing. The General Hospital, one of the essential second-line treatment centers, turned up lately, initiating its assistance to non-Covid patients.

On Wednesday, 353 Covid cases were recorded in Thiruvananthapuram, bringing the total number of live cases to 4,336. As many as 22,113 are under monitoring and home quarantine. Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital, the only first-line treatment center in the district, has also begun taking non-covid patients. According to district health authorities, the stalk in cases can be assigned to the reduction of effective police interference. Social distancing measures are being ridiculed and people are accumulating everywhere in big numbers. An official at the District Medical Officer (DMO) stated that they are not receiving any assistance from the police to support social distancing standards in the district.

“Weddings and other social functions are occurring everywhere. People are gathering in large numbers to public places and beaches. Only severe screening can control such actions, and draw down the number of cases. Health department officials don’t have the authority to impose such constraints. Even if we notify the police about large gatherings, they deny to act upon it or prioritize,” said the official. The DMO has informed auditoriums and convention centers to guarantee that only a restricted number of members chaperon gatherings. “There is no solid mechanism to screen this now. Test positivity rate is increasing and the number of deaths is also going up,” said an official at the DMO. According to them, there is influence from all parts to close down CFLTCs.

The General Hospital which began accepting non-Covid patients now is preparing to give inpatient treatment for non-Covid patients shortly. According to administrators, it is persisting to be a hurdle for the hospital with Covid cases progressing concurrently. The officials have whacked down 50 percent of the beds reserved for Covid-19 patients.“Earlier, we had earmarked 300 beds for Covid patients. Now, that has been diminished to 150. More than 95 percent of the beds are filled as of now. If cases go up, patients will be compelled to move to private hospitals for Covid-19 care. This might confirm to be unaffordable to patients under the poverty range. Also, we cannot shift away APL patients if they need to get treated at General Hospital either,” said a hospital official.

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DCP Divya V Gopinath told that there are no laws against enduring functions or gatherings now. “Daily enforcement activities are happening and cases are being registered against those not wearing masks. But, political protests are happening everywhere. Even on Wednesday, there was a protest in front of the Secretariat. An average of 100 cases is getting registered every day for Covid-19 violations. When it comes to functions and gatherings, everyone wears masks when outdoors, but take them off once they are indoors. There is no way to detect such violations. We periodically act when a complaint is obtained,” said Divya. She also said that sectoral magistrates are also concurrently taking action against violators.

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