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Student modifies Zoom class name to ‘Reconnecting’ to escape from questions

A schoolboy who extended to deceive his teacher through online Zoom class is being named as ‘bonafide genius’ after he modified his name to ‘reconnecting’ while the live session.The boy cheated his teacher for weeks to evade homework and lessons and it got his teacher quite a while to discover what was happening.

The act was shared on Twitter, by a user, Chris Arnold who said: “My wife is a teacher and obviously one kid has been altering his name to ‘Reconnecting’ during the Zoom lessons so that he doesn’t get directed any questions. Been doing it for weeks.”He  also said, “The lad doesn’t require to bother about his education, he’s already a bona fide genius.”The tweet went viral after being posted, earning more than 96,300 likes and 11,000 retweets and also provoked netizens to share narratives of their kids.

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One user said, “My son had a video of himself playing on a loop studying intensely set up on an iPad in front of the webcam while he was playing Fifa on his phone on the bed!” Another wrote, “Kid in my daughter’s class kept muting the teacher so no one heard the lesson.”Besides those sharing their children’s tricks, a user also expressed concern regarding the future of such children.“Sooner the better we get children back into the classroom but it is only themselves they are damaging, having said that what sort of a future do these children have?”

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